New battery tray

We have replaced the left hand rear battery tray, repaired the inner wheel arch and repaired inside the engine bay.

The front a pillars and front arch bulk heads have to be repaired before we can fit the new inner and outer wheel arch.

New passenger side outrigger sitting pretty

The seat floors have been done previously, not great to be fair but we can’t re-do everything it wouldn’t be economical

Replacement front beam and ball joints

The beam in Alec’s bus is now a shiny Californian baby, here are a few pictures of the one we have removed. We think it was held together by the remainder of the paint.

Patch work is for quilts kids


Front beam removal to repair chassis

We have removed the front suspension beam from Alec’s bus . The beam has been welded many times and is in need of replacement. A beam from California is going in. Whilst the beam is out we can attend to urgent chassis repairs which have been overlooked in its recent restoration?? Really?

Now it’s solid we can put some protection on it and put the beam back in.

Left hand front outrigger replacement

After we saw the state of the inner sill on the right hand side we thought we best have a butchers at the left and therefor removed the patched and holy belly pan

The patched up front outrigger had seen better days too

After removing the front wheel arch, it was discovered that the bulk head wasn’t good and the replaced seat floor wasn’t welded to the cab floor just fibreglassed over

Below you can’t see it really, but you can get your finger In-between the cab floor and the seat floor

New outrigger welded in and inner sill repaired. Have a nice weekend

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Front outrigger/jacking point inner sill

We have repaired the front of the inner sill, outrigger and jacking point combined and repaired the bulk head

When the inner sill and outrigger was fitted it became apparent how badly the b-pillar and front arch had been previously fitted (look at the gap in between the two, they should touch:()

The b pillar didn’t line up so it had to be removed

That was difficult 3 pigeon shit welds and some filler

Still 2 more than held the outer sill on.

It was only supposed to be a little bit of welding and a respray, story of my life:(

Belly pan removal

We’ve removed the belly pans from Alec’s bus, it requires both front outriggers some repair to the inner sills and passenger rear outrigger

All four mudflaps are poorly

Previous owner was a demon with fibreglass matting

Inner strengtheners are intact and solid

It wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t find the obligatory plastic bag, to bridge the filler

Always a bit disturbing when more of your bus is on the floor than on the ramp, remember has to look worse to get better

Alec’s surf bus

This bus has been done previously, it looked straight but the filler was cracking on all of the joints. The paint was removed and the arches and rear corners had hardly any welds on them therefore the metal was moving under stress, cracking the filler and paint.

We have had to weld the arches and rear corners, but bridge from the arch to the rear corner as the seam was so bad, we have basically fabricated a new one but without replacing the corner to keep within the budget.