Filled and primed

After a long break work on the smiley fun bus has started back up, the owner Ben has spent the last three weeks at Manflowers. Making the tea, busting out filler and generally making progress in order to keep down labour costs and get more involved with the build himself. Nice job Ben !!!

Tonnes of filler in the sliding door, a larger than normal door skin is required.

The inner has been done before too so we will have to cut it off.

Holes in the window surround have been repaired too

The job always turns out bigger than expected

Don’t panic if you’ve tried to get in touch in the last week. Mr T senior had to go in and have his aorta repaired so we’ve been finishing early to get to the heartlands hospital. Everything’s ok despite a mild stroke, we asked which nurse but we think his sense of humour may have been removed. Get well soon dad, thanks for all of your good will and support folks. X


Your life will shape you into the person you are.
Let your spirit and soul be moulded around your experiences and not twisted by events that try and test you.
Be yourself and do not judge others, as their life is on a different path.
Take me for who I am and I will return that compliment.

Peace x

All our love and best wishes to Rita and Julie who have lost a great dad and husband, he will always be foremost in my mind when kitting out his t5 he made me fit an Ikea sofa bed in it. Love you man. You guys would have met him on our stand at vanfest 2010. RIP John Cook. X

Trailer queen

Betsie makes her final journey on the trailer to be converted into a tdi tubbed and slammed daily driver. About time too!!!!! With ravern hydraulics and 944 IRS in the back we will fit her with a bespoke steering rack set up to compliment her 5″ narrowed red 9 beam. Rock and Roll. Strictly night time and weekends for this baby tho. Still not fully sold on the tdi tho, seamed like a good idea at the time.