Merry christmas!!!!!!!

So we are off until the new year, I’ve just eaten my traditional dripping on toast listening to ministry of sound, with my beautiful family what could be better. Happy Christmas to all you dubbers out there. X

Twisted Fire Starter

Here’s how not to join your main starter to battery positive lead.

Poor contact under load could cause arcing which would lead to heat and potential fire under the fuel tank.

Now that’s neater and safer surely? More horror story findings to follow.

You can fit a beetle engine into a bus!

This is how you do it if your a bit special!

See the roomy beach buggy no cooling tins on engine or body styling. Classy but not cool. No wonder it wouldn’t get more than 20 miles before over heating.

Turn the beam around and weld it to the exhaust, omfg…..

Or you could spend a couple of hours and less than £20 and not get an nvq in butchery, with an adaptor plate.